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WebStreamTM Unwind / Rewind Module

DMS Auxiliary Unwind and Rewind Shaft System

Super Smooth Vibration Free Operation!

Auxiliary Unwind / Rewind Features and Specifications

For use anywhere on your press where you need additional unwind or rewind capability
Features unique non-contact magnetic eddy current clutch mechanism
Delivers incredibly smooth and vibration free operation to handle your most tension sensitive thin films or foils
System features constant and adjustable tension control
Features a 3 inch ( 76.2mm ) core diameter with pneumatic core holder
Features a 12 inch ( 381mm ) roll diameter capacity
System includes a 1 to 3 HP AC motor driven depending on press width

Handles roll widths from 1 inch ( 25.4 mm ) to press width

Available for all presses up to 20 inches ( 510 mm ) wide

Standard module includes numerous threaded holes so you can easily make your own mounting stucture to position where needed
Optionally, the system can be mounted to your existing die station, a DMS auxiliary die station, or to other areas on your press with a DMS designed mounting tower



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