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DMS, Inc.
Rotary die maker.
Rotary dies for
economy, speed
 and efficiency. Hot stamping equipment,
hot stamping dies.
Flexo press accessories.


Rotary Screens and Materials

DMS is currently maintaining an extensive stock of REINKE Brand screen materials. All rigidized wire materials feature biodegradable water wash emulsions ranging from 20-50 microns. Five standard mesh counts from 120-400 threads per inch are available for off the shelf delivery.

Full screen making services are also available featuring Screen Printing Systems exclusive welded seam. This service will prove invaluable to printers who require the increased life of welded seams or REINKE Brand all-metal screens.

With our extensive engraving and machining capabilities, DMS offers printers a single source for all screen,end ring, and hot stamping requirements.





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