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Auxiliary Die Station Directly Powered By Press

Finally, a cost effective way to add die station capability
between print stations!

•  Adds the capability to print or varnish over your hot stamping process

•  Easily add other die station capabilities such as die cutting, laminating, heat

   sealing or slitting

•  Designed to accept your existing presses hot stamping units, tooling and blocks

•  Eliminates the need to modify or split your press to add a die station in your print

   station area

•  Does not require expensive drives or controllers

•  Easy setup and web routing

Applicatons & Benefits:

•  Available for many narrow web presses from 6 inches to 24 inches in width

•  Mounts above or between any 2 print stations on your press

•  The unit is directly driven from a print station using gear or belt drive

•  The system is designed to be durable but relatively light weight for portability

•  Uses the presses existing print station controls for registration adjustment

Hot stamping and hot stamping equipment = DMS, Inc.

high speed hot stamping
Speeds of over 400fpm have been achieved      

Mark Andy Die Station Shown        



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