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Rotary Hot Stamping Overview

If you are unfamiliar with Hot Stamping click the link below to

read Dave Polkinghorne's definitive article :

"An Introduction to Rotary Hot Stamping"

(presented to the Northern Californian Label and Tag Association in 1998)

DMS designs and manufactures rotary hot stamping for applications
up to 60 inches in web width.
  We manufacture precision rotary hot
stamping dies for all suppliers systems in use today.

Typical Applications Include

•  Hot stamping including foils, magnetic tapes, security

   seals and tapes

•  Hologram applications, registered or wallpaper type

•  Heat sealing including pouches, bags, sachets, and


•  Over wrapping of direct mail, point of sale items etc.

•  Hot laminating

•  Thermal die cutting or forming

Rotary Hot Stamping Products and Accessories




DMS's high speed rotary hot stamping units typically run 30-35% faster than any of our competitors systems.

20% faster GUARANTEED
(subject to approval)

Higher production speeds mean reduced operating costs. Use the calculator below to see how much you could be saving with a high quality DMS system on a typical run.

Current running speed in FPM or MPM
Length of run in lineal feet or metres
Minutes of press
run time per hour
Hourly billing rate for press

Total number of
hours to run job
Cost of press
hours to run job
Time saved
with DMS FR-Series
hot stamp unit
Money saved
with DMS FR-Series
hot stamp unit
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(847) 726 2828


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