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Precision Rotary Hot Stamping Dies


•  Prime labels, tags and folding cartons

•  Premium wine and beverage labels

•  Health and beauty products

•  Magnetic tape, tickets and cards

•  Hologram placement

•  Heat Sealing applications

DMS Advantages:

•  30 years experience manufacturing hot stamping dies for all

•  Responsive to our customers withprompt and competitive 

•  Quality control processes including pre-production proof approvals    and tolerance certifications

•  The only die manufacturer to offer both CNC and Photoengraving

•  CNC engraved hot stamp dies provide economical high quality and    fast delivery

•  Photoengraved dies deliver unparalleled detail and precision


•  Thermally superior, high quality all brass rolls

•  Superior surface finish for improved accuracy

•  Thermally compensated for precise register and fit

•  Available for all narrow to mid web presses

•  Available for all manufacturers hot stamping systems

hot foil stamping die

** Please examine our required Artwork Specifications prior to submitting any artwork.

Terms that can be used to describe this type of die are:

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Hot stamping and hot stamping equipment = DMS, Inc.



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