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DMS, Inc.
Rotary die maker.
Rotary dies for
economy, speed
 and efficiency. Hot stamping equipment,
hot stamping dies.
Flexo press accessories.



Manuals and Information

Hot Stamping Systems

Suggested Web Paths:

Generic Web Layout
Heat Sealing Web Path with Cold Pocket Die
Hot Stamping Foil and Web Path
Magnetic Tape Web Path wth Cold Pocket Die


Hot Stamp Press Preparation
Die Mounting Instructions - 6" to 10" steel shafts
DMS hot stamp unit start up
Econofoil die mounting instructions
Calibration of temperature controller with Infra Red Sensor
Calibration of DMS temperature control to work with Ra
Cartridge Heater Replacement

Cartridge Heater Replacement - FR
OS HS Journal Replacement
Non Contact Sensor Setup Diagram
SRA Wiring


Foil Printing Control Manual - Generic
FPC Manual
FR Series HS Manual
HSFP Manual - Digital Printing
HSFR Manual - FR130DEL

Air Bars

Air Bar Set Up Instructions





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