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Hot Stamping

Information about hot stamping
& hot stamping companies

The purpose of this page is to offer a one-stop resource for useful information relating to hot stamping.

Educational information and articles

What is hot stamping?

Hot Stamping:   An image producing method that involves a film carrying a thin leaf of color which is transferred to a material using heat and pressure. It is commonly used with gold or metallic leaf, but many colors, patterns, and finishes of leaf are available. It is especially popular for labels used in the textile and apparel markets. (definition taken from

If your interest relates to rotary hot stamping we'd suggest that you read DMS's own article written by David Polkinghorne:

"An introduction to Rotary Hot Stamping"

What can be achieved using hot stamping equipment?

Foil hot stamping can add a distinctive, elegant look of quality to a variety of projects when used tastefully. Alternatively, it can, and often is, used as a blatant eye catcher in the retail labeling area ( not that there's anything wrong with that ! ) Below are a variety of labels that have utilized hot stamping in their production:

Examples of hot stamping labels together with links to the companies that produced them.





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