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About DMS

Since 1975 DMS Inc. has provided flexographic printers, web converters and finishers an innovative range of equipment, tooling, accessories and services to enhance or improve their products or process.

DMS hot stamping systems lead the industry in performance, capability, flexibility and reliability. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your requirements. These include our drop-in units for narrow to mid web presses, as well as stand alone systems for webs up to 60 inches (1.5 Meters) wide.

DMS precision rotary hot stamping dies and ColdPocket dies are used for the application of foils, magnetic tape, holograms, heat sealing, hot laminating and more.

We manufacture tooling to fit rotary hot stamping equipment from all suppliers.

DMS' has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing precision rotary embossing dies. We can help you meet customers high expectations, as well as expand your business into new markets.

In addition to typical embossed patterns, we can enhance your labels or products with special effects, textures or continuous patterns. DMS is the only rotary die manufacturer to offer both the fast delivery and economical benefits of traditional CNC machine engraving, as well as the unparalleled precision of our photoengraving process, DMS offers you the most options, flexibility and support with your most intricate design dies.

DMS continues to develop key web press accessories to support our products, and our customers high quality process requirements. These include our Web-On-Air efficient air bars and turn bars units;,the popular TorKit digital die pressure gauge , our new narrow foil unwind system, our magnetic tape unwind system, and our super smooth auxiliary unwind and rewind shafts featuring magnetic clutch tension control.

From narrow to wide webs, DMS is your most experienced hot stamping and embossing partner!

DMS Milestones

30 Years Of Innovation and Service

1975  DMS Incorporated was founded, and started operations in Palatine, Illinois

         Manufactured first photoengraved male/female embossing die for narrow web presses

1976  Manufactured first photoengraved rotary hot stamping dies for narrow web presses

1977  Manufactured first hot laminating system for narrow web presses

1978  Manufactured first hot stamping systems for narrow web presses

1981  Designed and built first micro embossing system for hologram manufacturing

1983  Introduced the FP series rotary hot stamping system bringing new features to the market including an eccentric base roll and air cooling

1986  Introduced the first foil indexing system for rotary hot stamping

1988  Introduced the FR series heavy duty rotary hot stamping system featuring an assist roll and
         bearers and running up to 50% faster than other systems

1988  Introduced the Mirage texture hot stamping dies

1992  Introduced the advanced Foil Miser electronic foil indexing and hologram placement system
         for rotary hot stamping

         Added CNC engraving to existing photoengraving die manufacturing capability

1995  Expanded operations into a larger facility in Palatine, Illinois

1997  Introduced the TorKit digital die pressure gauge system

         Expanded the FR series rotary hot stamping system to include mid web presses

1998  Developed efficient air bar technology for use singularly, and in turn bar unit assemblies

1999  Awarded a patent for Web-On-Air advanced air bar design / technology

2000  Introduced innovative non-contact friction free Magnetic Clutch for rewind shafts

2001  Expanded operations into a new, larger facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois

2002  Developed revolutionary ColdPocket rotary hot stamping and heat sealing die technology delivering dramatic speed increases with lower die temperatures

2003  Achieved patent pending status on ColdPocket heat-sealing die technology

         Introduced the unique Remote Die Station for narrow web presses allowing the cost effective
         addition of die station capabilities between print stations

         Introduced the Multi-Stream Unwind Shaft for magnetic tape or multi foil print job

2004  Introduced the first independently driven high speed rotary hot stamping system designed specifically for mid to wide web widths from 36" (900mm) to 60" (1.5M)




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