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DMS, Inc.
Rotary die maker.
Rotary tooling for
economy, speed
 and efficiency. Hot stamping equipment,
hot stamping dies.
Flexo press accessories.






















Markets Served:

  • Premium Wine and Spirit Labels

  • Traditional Tags, Tickets and Labels

  • Direct Mail and Point of Sale Products

  • Government Tax and Duty Identification


  • Cosmetics and Health Care Labels

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Brand and Product Security and Authentication

  • Various Non-Printing Markets

Since 1975 DMS Inc. has provided flexographic printers, web converters and finishers an innovative range of hot stamping equipment, rotary tooling, accessories and services to enhance or improve their products or process.

DMS hot stamping systems lead the industry in performance, capability, flexibility and reliability. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your requirements. These include our drop-in hot stamping units for narrow to mid web presses, as well as stand alone systems for webs up to 60 inches (1.5 Meters) wide.

DMS precision rotary hot stamping dies and ColdPocket dies are used for the application of hot foils, magnetic tape, holograms, heat sealing, hot laminating and more. We manufacture tooling to fit rotary hot stamping equipment from all suppliers.

DMS has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing precision rotary tooling including rotary embossing dies. We can help you meet customers high expectations, as well as expand your business into new markets. In addition to typical embossed patterns, we can enhance your labels or products with special effects, textures or continuous patterns.


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DMS, Inc. - Hot stamping systems and rotary tooling manufacturer.

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